Wednesday, 21 June 2017

4th of July: DC4 x Fullcount Party

On Tuesday the 4th of July we're hosting another Japanese denim party, this time with Fullcount! The party starts at 18.00 at the DC4 store at the Strelitzer Str. 69 in Mitte, Berlin.

We're thrilled that Fullcount-boss Mikiharu Tsujita will also attend the party. He'll sign your Fullcount items, and you even have the change to win some free gear with our raffle.

Of course, drinks and tasty BBQ-food are on us. While having a cold one you can watch Toons One do live pinstriping.

Fullcount is part of the Osaka 5 brands, together with Evisu, Warehouse, Denime and Studio D'artisan. The brand focuses on creating high-quality and comfortable garments. It doesn't matter if you have 15 pairs of Fullcount in your closet or you're entirely new to the brand, we'll be happy to talk denim with you on the 4th on July. See you then!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

New: ONI’s summer denim

Let’s face it, when the temperatures rise, it becomes increasingly harder to put on those 20+ oz jeans. There’s simply little comfort in wearing motorcycle-grade denim during summer. In comes ONI.

ONI Denim produced a light weight 12.5 oz denim, dyed with natural indigo, and in a modern cut as well. They are created specifically for the European market: it’s a slim silhouette, mid rise, with a tapered leg. The cool thing is that even though the jeans are just 12.5 oz, ONI still managed to capture that unique slubby texture we’re so fond of. Some more specifications:
  • Made in Japan
  • Unsanforized (expect 6-8% shrinkage on the raw version)
  • Deer skin patch
  • ONI arcuates on the back pockets
  • Copper rivets
  • Rope-dyed with natural indigo

The Oni Denim 707LWZR is available for pre-ordering now. Get yours in a one-washed or a raw state. Delivery is expected on the end of May. This is you chance to get a pair of jeans that you’ll enjoy for many summers. Don’t miss out on these, as they are a limited run and will not be made again!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

DC4 Berlin x Samurai Jeans Party

Join us on the Saturday the 29th of April on Samurai Jeans' first European party! We're honoured that Nogami-san, the boss of Samurai Jeans, is visiting our Berlin based denim shop. 

Everything you should know:
  • The party starts at 14.00 and ends at 22.00
  • Address: Strelitzer Str. 69, Mitte, Berlin (Google Maps)
  • Free drinks
  • Bulliet whiskey bar 
  • Live music by Acapulco Radio and Saudia Young
Bring your Samurai Jeans garments, because Nogami-san will sign your stuff.  Don't have any Samurai gear yet? Don't worry, because you might be going home with some free goodies if you enter the lottery. Will we see you there? Let us know via Facebook!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Introducing Full Count jeans at DC4 Berlin

An iconic Japanese denim brand has reached Berlin in the form of Full Count. Of course we are very proud to be able to offer this brand that'll please every denim purist.

Let's take a closer look at Full Count. A little bit of history first: the brand was founded in 25 years ago in 1992 by Mikiharu Tsujita. Levi's from the 1940's to 1960's have been a source of inspiration when designing the jeans and denim. The garments need to be as strong as possible, while remaining so comfortable that you don't want to take them off.

To achieve this, Full Count uses long staple cotton from Zimbabwe. The brand was actually the first Japanese maker to use this high quality cotton, which is very close in character to the cotton from 1940's Levi's, according to Mikiharu-san. Zimbabwean hand-picked cotton gives the jeans a sturdy feel, and a worn-in pair will be soft and very comfortable. You'll have to wear a pair yourself to fully experience the qualities of this fabric.

Full Count is a member of the original Osaka 5, together with Evisu, Warehouse & Co, Denime and Studio D'artisan (many claim Samurai Jeans is the 6th member of this group). These brands are some of the most respected makers in Japan.

To continue, we'll be offering two jeans and two denim jackets. All garments are one-washed (no more shrinkage, so easier sizing) and made of 100% cotton. The denim jackets have all the details you would expect on a Type 1 or 2, but offered in a modern slim fit instead of the classic boxy shape.

Full Count 1109W
The slimmest fit Full Count has to offer. Made of 13.75 oz denim. Tapered from the thigh to the knee, and straight from the knee down.

Full Count 1110XXW
A looser, but still modern fitted jean. We'll be offering the heavier 15.5 oz version. Also, it has a button fly instead of a zipper.

Full Count 2743W Type I Jacket
The all time classic with one front pocket, made from 15.5 oz denim. As mentioned, this is the Tight Fit.

Full Count 2812W Type II Jacket
The successor to the Type I jacket, with two front pockets. Slightly longer than the original boxy shape so it will create a beautiful silhouette. This is also made from 15.5 oz denim.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

DC4 Exclusive: interview with ONI founder mr. Oishi

To celebrate the arrival of another shipment of ONI jeans, we had the chance to dig a little deeper into this usually secretive brand. Founder mr. Oishi was kind enough to share his vision on the Japanese denim market and talk about the production of his well-loved jeans.

DC4: What's your take on the Japanese denim market?

ONI: Basically all the Japanese selvedge jeans makers respect the basic American vintage Levi's 501. It's faithful in a good way, but on the other hand it's the only thing they do. They are obsessed with vintage Levi's and selvedge denim. They value details like the count of yarns and the stitching. In the end, they focus on a very narrow category.

This is why they try to change the color of the selvedge, change the depth of the indigo or use thicker or thinner yarn counts to create a difference, but in the end it's the same denim. Actually... the only difference between the brands is the thickness of the denim.

I'm not interested at all in how Levi's or Lee denim used to be. These are not the things that you can reproduce. It would be better to think about what is suitable right now and develop new denim rather than trying to reproduce the things that are impossible.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Introducing ŌNO Garments

We'd like to introduce a new brand at DC4: ŌNO Garments. This Japanese company produces some of the best 'loop wheeled' shirts in the world, and we're very proud to carry it at our store in Berlin.

The people behind the family-run ŌNO Garments have over 60 years of experience in developing yarns and advising major spinning and dyeing companies in Japan. All this knowledge comes down to the shirts we currently have in stock. You'll notice we only have shirts from the 'Black Line' at the moment: these are dyed in a unique way, so they will maintain their color for a long time.

All the garments are cut by hand and sewn on a selection of vintage machines in Tokyo. ŌNO adjusted the fits for overseas markets, so don't worry about the length. The process to spin the yarns is something special: this is done on vintage 'loop wheeled' machines in the Wakayama prefecture. Loop wheeled shirts ('tsuriami-ki' in Japanese) are knit by circular knitting machines that create 'tubes' of fabric, so it doesn't have any side-seams. This is a slow process, and only done by a few companies around the world. To give you an idea why: every loop wheel machine has 1.000 needles that have to be set manually (!) by specialized craftsmen. The result is worth every needle though: a very comfortable fabric with lots of character that will last a long time.

Please stop by our shop at the Strelitzer Strasse in Berlin to see and feel the quality of the shirts for yourself, or take a look in the online shop. We have both crew- and v-neck shirts, with either a short or a long sleeve. The ŌNO family crest is embroidered on the bottom of the shirt to honor the family.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

ONI x Tanuki: a secret collaboration

With the introduction of Oni jeans at DC4 Berlin, we have something special in store... a collaboration between two of the most secretive Japanese denim brands out there: Tanuki and Oni.

Whilst we know at least the name of the founder of Oni (see our previous post about Oni), the people behind Tanuki only want their customers to know that they have many decades of experience in the denim market. Who they are and where they are from is irrelevant. Tanuki focusses on a more minimalist approach of jeans, and doesn't add too much vintage detailing. It wants the quality of the denim and construction do the talking.

That leaves us to discuss the jeans itself. At DC4, we offer the 'Ultra Slim' model, a modern slim fit with a tapered leg. It's made of a hefty 20oz cloth, so it's perfect for the colder months. You’ll notice the irregularities of Oni’s denim, with a nice rough feel. The dye used is a natural indigo from India, that is not used anywhere else in the Japanese denim market. Now we hear you think: natural indigo doesn't create contrasting fades, and that's boring! This pair however is different. The denim is rope dyed, so the fades you want to achieve are still possible and will be very special. Natural indigo is usually very labour-intensive, resulting in very expensive jeans. You'll notice that the Tanuki x Oni jeans are actually more affordable. We can't wait for the first worn-in pair to show up at the shop.

The denim on this pair is Oni's famour 'Secret Denim', but dyed with Tanuki's natural indigo. Fans of Oni will also notice this pair features a white weft instead of the regular beige. Details on the jeans are a combination of Tanuki's and Oni's. Some specifications:

  • 20oz denim rope dyed with natural indigo 
  • Made in Japan 
  • 100% cotton from the USA 
  • Gingham fabric pocket bags 
  • Selvedge coin pocket detail 
  • Tanuki logo is embroidered on the right back pocket 
  • Leather patch (vegetable tanned) with the Oni and Tanuki logo

On top of that, every pair will be shipped with an exclusive Tanuki backpack. Please check out the online shop for measurements and ordering, or drop by our store to try them on.