Saturday 23 March 2019

Jewellery by First Arrow's in Berlin

We've received our first batch of First Arrow's silver jewellery at DC4 Berlin. The brand has been around since 1996 and has been founded by silver smith Kazuya Ito. First Arrow's is based in Tokyo and inspired by Native American artwork.

You'll notice First Arrow's largely revolves around symbols like feathers, a symbol of power and freedom. An eagle feather is considered a blessing by the Native American. The pieces are crafted by hand in, of course, Japan. The pieces are finely detailed and will, like your denim, age with daily wear. It has taken Kazuya Ito years to master his craft to create these delicate pieces out of silver, gold and turquoise.

A rare silver quality
First Arrow's products are made out of a relatively rare metal that is 95% silver and 5% other materials (Silver 950, also known as the French 1st Standard). This is a higher quality than sterling silver you usually encounter in jewellery. This 950 silver is used to provide a better ageing effect, so that works out perfectly balanced with a pair of Japanese jeans.

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