Thursday 27 December 2012

Zooming in on the Samurai S003JP Yamato

Samurai Jeans has been amongst our ranks since early 2012 and ever since many of you left DC4 with a brand new pair. Time to zoom in one of the more popular fits, and also the slimmest model we carry: the Samurai S003JP Yamato.

The pair we've photographed had been worn for just one month. The fabric might not be the heaviest at 15 oz, but if feels remarkably sturdy. Samurai spent a lot of time on the details of this model. Expect detailed silver-coloured hardware, silver stitching and even a hint of silver in the selvage.

Monday 24 December 2012

Merry X-Mas

The crew of DC4 Berlin would like to thank our magnificient customers, faithful friends and loyal supporters.

2012 has been a great year !

The new store at the Torstrasse has been opened and we´re proud to have organised the very first Japanese Denim Party with The Flat Head in Europe.

Our goal is to bring the stunning Japanese craftmanship to European denim heads and with the addition of new brands such as Samurai Jeans we hope to achieve this more and more.

In the next year even more amazing goods and new brands will hit the store to accomodate your needs.

We wish you happy holidays and a great 2013 !

Sunday 23 December 2012

Visiting Toys McCoy

We paid another visit to Japan a couple weeks back and we met up with some great folks. One of the brands we were going to see was Toys McCoy, and they had a little surprise for us that blew our minds. In the basement of the Toys McCoy headquarters an amazing collections of bikes can be found, including the very same bike (nicknamed Captain America) that Peter Fonda rode in 'Easy Rider', the film from 1969.

Here DC4's Ollie and Daniel are being flanked by Seiji Tanabe (left) and Hiroshi Okamoto, the president of Toys McCoy and by far the biggest Steve McQueen fan on this planet. Check out more pictures of the bike collection after the break.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

New arrivals: Pure Blue Japan

The last new items of 2012 have landed in our online store. Pure Blue Japan has the honors, and closes this year in style. The new Pure Blue Japan XX-017 and XX-018 are made of a 'cobalt blue' 14 oz denim and this is truly a spectacular color and a great addition to even the most diverse collection of jeans. The XX-017 is the slimmer fitting jeans of the two.

In addition to those two, we have also added a pre-distressed pair to our collection, the Pure Blue Japan 3D-018. Normally we're not really fond of pre-distressed denim, but Pure Blue Japan has being doing very realistic work for the past couple of years.

Also, we carry two pretty unique pieces: a Type II and a Type III denim shirt. If you think the look of a denim jacket is a bit much, these shirts might be more to your liking. Both are made of 8 oz selvage denim, so they'll be comfortable enough to wear all day. To complete the indigo-on-indigo-on-indigo look, grab one of the high-quality indigo-dyed t-shirts.

Friday 7 December 2012

Right on time before Christmas: new items from The Flat Head

We received a brand new batch of The Flat Head clothing, just in time before Christmas. Get your friends or a close relative a really proper gift this year, or treat yourself to something nice. Nothing is better than starting the new year with a fresh pair of Japanese jeans.

With this new batch we have some all-time favorites back in stock, like the 7001W Denim Western Shirt. We also offer the 7002W now, which is slightly heavier (12oz instead of 10oz) and has different styled pockets.

Since winter has truly hit us hard now, it's time to start layering up. Try the Thermal Shirts under a denim shirt or just wear them as a sweater and show your love for The Flat Head. Next to layering items our collection of belts has grown too (which are a great gift by the way). Four new ones are available now: two with a plate buckle, and two dual prong belts. Both available in black and brown.

If you really want a special pair of jeans, try The Flat Head's Kevlar denim. We offer the bullet-proof denim in a slim a and straight fit. The denim has a weight of 13.5 oz and it's the very strongest denim The Flat Head has produced so far. We recon that didn't really come as a surprise though. If you prefer regular 100% cotton jeans, get the classic 1005 or the 3007 if you're looking for a boot cut pair.

Check out all the new items in our online store.