Saturday 30 July 2011

Join DC4 at the Iron Heart UK party

On September 3rd, Iron Heart UK is organising an awesome party for denim heads in Gosport, a city in the south of England. Obviously, lots of denim loving people will attend the party, but also some much respected folks from Iron Heart Japan will be there. The president of Iron Heart, Haraki-san, will admire your Iron Heart goods and... you have a chance to drink lots of beer with DC4's Daniel.

Plan on coming too? Let us know in the comments!

Oh and PS... we'll announce the new brand any minute now.

Sunday 17 July 2011

Faded denim: the girlfriends' Nudie Jeans

Here's something that you might not run into every day - a pair of raw denim worn for years and years... by a girl. Most girls don't find the idea of wearing a pair unwashed jeans for a longer period of time very appealing, but ChloƩ, the owner of this pair doesn't mind.

Saturday 16 July 2011

Taipei by bicycle

Ricor, a photographer based in Taiwan, has created some amazing pictures that document a rather stylish bicycle culture (no fixies) in his homeland. In Taipei, the country's capital, many people are riding bicycles instead of cars or public transportation to get from A to B. These pics offer a great source of inspiration, and while we might prefer a nice Harley to go with our Iron Heart jeans, we think it would be great to cruise through Berlin on a fancy bike like the ones shot by Ricor.