Sunday 17 July 2011

Faded denim: the girlfriends' Nudie Jeans

Here's something that you might not run into every day - a pair of raw denim worn for years and years... by a girl. Most girls don't find the idea of wearing a pair unwashed jeans for a longer period of time very appealing, but ChloƩ, the owner of this pair doesn't mind.

Her pair of Nudie's (Thin Finn Dry Stretch) have been in her possession for over 5 years, and have been worn at least 500-600 times. They're only washed when needed, resulting in very attractive whiskering and honeycombs. In these pics, the worn in pair has been photographed with her back-up pair in the back for color comparison.

Sure, these might not be made of top-of-the-bill Japanese denim, but who gives. Most readers of our blog will probably be male so here's a question to you guys - what does your girlfriend think of your hobby?