Monday 8 July 2013

European Distribution of The Flat Head at the Bread & Butter Tradeshow

One more Bread & Butter Tradeshow exhibition in our backs, and we can't be more happy. This edition of BBB brought us not just gorgeous weather, but also great results after the three days of showcasing our products by The Flat Head and R.J.B. We were lucky to have met many new great people and have seen old friends.

In our new collection we feature three different boots made from a stunning cowhide leather from Horween. An appealing range of middle weight leather jackets, made with horsehide leather from the famous Japanese Shinki Tannery, which is considered by many the best in the world - and using the words of Himel Brothers: "the most revered and expensive horsehide in the world". The Shinki leather has the properties to develop amazing fading and patina over time.

To complete the tops collection, we have an attractive line of shirts with patterns that resemble tear drops, featuring shades of indigo and dark colours. Super strong and heavy loop wheeled t-shirts, coveted chambray shirts, 50's and 60's bikers belts and a new wallet collection made from a very flat horse leather with a good structure, adorned with metal rivets. Absolutely gorgeous.

 Check out some impressions of our booth:

Sunday 7 July 2013

Iron Heart x DC4 Berlin Party

Bam! It happened, the Iron Heart x DC4 party held during the fashion week in Berlin was a great success. Many recognized people from the denim scene, friends and fans attended the event the last day of the Bread & Butter Fashion Trade show. Manufacturers, retailers, designers, bloggers, bikers and many denim freaks were there to enjoy the nice weather, rockabilly beats, the delicious Japanese catering that we prepared for all our guests and of course to share the love for a great brand.

The president of Iron Heart, Haraki-san and the IH Japan crew Tomoko-chan, Sarina-chan, Ono-san together with Giles and Paula Padmore were there to share with all the people and Iron Heart fans. The evening started with a warm feeling, bikers showed up and parked their machines, guests started to come up slowly and a relaxed atmosphere began to encircle everybody.

Many pictures were taken, a Haraki-san signature berserk of Iron Heart products, chats about denim and overall an absolute feeling of camaraderie and love for that beautiful fabric. As everybody knows, we at DC4 stock the bigger Japanese brands selection in Europe and to confirm that, we had between our guests representatives from many premium Japanese denim brands, retailers and publications.

Events like this one shows that we are still on top of the wave in what refers to Japanese denim and garments. We are so happy and thankful to each person who helped to make from this evening a truly favorable outcome.

Here some  friends who joined us that evening - David Himel (Himel Brothers Leather Co.)Yamada Shunsuke, Masake Horiuchi, Takeshi Kojima (The Flat Head), Uwe van Afferden, Ronny Schroder (Heritage Post), Katsu Manabe, Rob Driessen (Momotaro), Ken-ichi Iwaya (Pure Blue Japan), Atsushi Matsushima (Clutch, Lightning, 2nd Magazines), Mikel Erentxun (musician), Steven Toohey, Will Lauder and Brendan Lauder (Alexander Leathers), Lewis Hull (Superdenim UK), Matt Wilson (Denimhunters), Sascha Kampmeyer (Vater und Sohn), Marlon Putzke, Joachim Pianka and Aljoscha Augustin (Fein und Ripp)- , among others.

Thank you Iron Heart Japan and UK crew, and also to our DC4 crew for making this event a reality. As many people must know, a photo describes more than 1,000 words, so here you go. Click and enjoy!

 Japan all stars