Saturday 15 March 2014

Restocking DC4

Slowly but steadily, we're getting new stock in again to cater your Japanese denim needs. It's been two months since the robbery (the investigation is still going on, by the way) and we're getting back on track. Some of the items are already available in the online store.

First up are two Iron Heart items: the slim but extremely heavy (25oz) Devil's Fit. Oh, and prepare yourself for some bruised legs in the first days of wear with these, especially when sizing down. Wearing 25oz cloth is for veteran raw denim fans only.

Another heavy piece is the 12oz "Johnny Cash Works Too" black denim shirt. Naturally, it's a selvage fabric (shown on the gussets and the cuffs) and it sports metal buttons. Available in sizes M - XXL.

Last up is a true eye-catcher: the Toys McCoy C-3 sheepskin vest. This beautifully detailed vest is inspired by pre-WW2 emblems from the US army. Pair it up with a Type II-denim jacket for a classic look.