Sunday 30 October 2011

Highlighted: Iron Heart Indigo Chambray (IHSH-21)

Today we'll take a closer look at one of Iron Heart's classic work shirts: the Iron Heart indigo chambray (IHSH-21). Made out of 10oz fabric, this shirt feels really sturdy. Since Iron Heart takes its garments seriously, all the details make this piece feel almost over-engineered, which is actually a great thing.
Here we see the indigo version of the shirt that we have in stock for €214,-. Besides this, we also have it in a slightly lighter short-sleeve version over here, and recently also a grey/black version.

It's a selvage fabric - a detail found on a couple places when you closely examine the shirt. 

Saturday 29 October 2011

New delivery: Dry Bones

We've got a couple of new items in by Dry Bones. First up is a Type II denim jacket, which is a classic boxy fit and as you may expect from Dry Bones, the jacket's also nicely detailed. At 14,5 oz it's also not too heavy, making it ideal to layer up for the colder months of the year. Make sure that you size right in this one since it'll shrink half a size when washed. And if you're more of a Type III jacket type of guy, we've also got the perfect jacket for you over here.

The Dry Bones DP-560 is a classic straight pair of jeans - and did we mention this batch was created just for DC4? This pair normally comes in a one-wash state and with arcuates on the back pockets, but for DC4 Dry Bones was kind enough to send over the jeans in a raw state and without the arcs. Like the jacket it's also made of 14,5oz 'Sushi Ear' denim, which might be a nice break from all the super heavy denim we've been talking about lately... and it fades incredibly. Available in sizes 29 - 36.

Last up is a selvage chambray shirt, which is made out of some of the most characterful chambray we've seen so far. Combine this with the multi-colour buttons and the sturdy construction, and you have yourself a shirt that you'll enjoy for years. It comes in a one-wash state, so you don't have to worry about any shrinking.

Saturday 22 October 2011

More evolution of the Iron Heart DC4001

Let's take a look at some evolution of another pair of Iron Heart DC4001's, the pair that DC4 created in collaboration with Iron Heart and of course we're still very proud of. It has been worn for almost 5 months effectively, and washed once (if you don't count a couple of rains soaks). The denim gets really soft now, and even though they are 21oz, they are really comfortable pants.

Saturday 15 October 2011

Get ready for winter with Iron Heart

We got a massive new batch of Iron Heart gear available in our webstore now. Let's take a closer look at the new items.

First up are four new check shirt. The 'Black Smoky' and 'Red Smoky' are made out of a very soft 6.5 oz flannel, which isn't too heavy for Iron Heart standards, so these shirts are perfect for layering up now that the days are getting colder again. The other shirts, Ombre Flannels, are slightly heavier at 7.5 oz. Famous for their construction, these shirts will last you for years. Also available in Red and Black.

Of course we got some new jeans too. We've got the Iron Heart 666OD (The Devil's Fit), which is made of a slightly lighter weight denim (still 18oz though!) which is slubbier than most Iron Heart denim. Whilst these are overdyed with black, they will still fade very well, and leave you with a black/blue combo that is hard to beat.

The other pair is only for heavy denim veterans. 25oz denim is not for the faint of heart. The Iron Heart 634XHS (Extra Heavy Selvage) comes in the classic straight 634-model.

The Iron Heart chambray, being well known, is now also available in a salt-and-pepper colour way. We've also got the indigo version in stock, another must-have. Then there's the Iron Heart Indigo Overdyed Workshirt, which comes in an oxford fabric and shell buttons instead of snap buttons.
The last new shirt is a very heavy 16oz Black Western, which could also be used as a jacket.

We'll end this with a pair of boots: Viberg x Iron Heart Scout Boot. It's the first collaboration between the brands, and we've featured them before on the blog. These things are heavy-duty, made of out of water buffalo leather, calf leather, Iron Heart's 21oz selvage denim and a Vibram sole.

Sunday 9 October 2011

Denim Documentary: Warp and Weft

The makers of the documentary 'Warp and Weft - A Snapshot Of Raw Denim In The United States' dive into the world of raw denim and all its aspects. One of the most interesting parts for us is that they're interviewing raw denim aficionados and check out the lifestyle. Since a fair share of our customers is probably part of an online denim community like Superfuture, this'll be a fun thing to watch.

The only problem: these guys need your help. The documentary isn't quite finished yet, and the guys need funds to be able to create it. At the moment we're writing this, they got 24 days left to pledge $1620. Help these dudes out!

Check out the trailer:

Saturday 8 October 2011

Happy Birthday Red Tab

Although we're a couple days late, we'd like to congratulate Levi's with its 75th birthday of the famous Red Tab. It was introduced to the world in 1936 to more easily recognize a pair of genuine Levi's pants. Ever since, the tab has been through many redesigns and for us denim heads, it's even a tool to determine the age of vintage Levi's jeans.

Sales manager Chris Lucier was the one who came up with the idea. Who could've thought that this small piece of fabric would cause such a massive impact and become one of the best known brand icons around the world?

True dedication

A customer of ours shows some true dedication to the DC4 store - by tattooing our logo on his arm. This is truly amazing and we're very honoured by this gesture. The nicely detailed tattoo turned out great.

Also got denim-related tattoos? Please send them to us and we'll feature them on our journal!