Saturday 15 October 2011

Get ready for winter with Iron Heart

We got a massive new batch of Iron Heart gear available in our webstore now. Let's take a closer look at the new items.

First up are four new check shirt. The 'Black Smoky' and 'Red Smoky' are made out of a very soft 6.5 oz flannel, which isn't too heavy for Iron Heart standards, so these shirts are perfect for layering up now that the days are getting colder again. The other shirts, Ombre Flannels, are slightly heavier at 7.5 oz. Famous for their construction, these shirts will last you for years. Also available in Red and Black.

Of course we got some new jeans too. We've got the Iron Heart 666OD (The Devil's Fit), which is made of a slightly lighter weight denim (still 18oz though!) which is slubbier than most Iron Heart denim. Whilst these are overdyed with black, they will still fade very well, and leave you with a black/blue combo that is hard to beat.

The other pair is only for heavy denim veterans. 25oz denim is not for the faint of heart. The Iron Heart 634XHS (Extra Heavy Selvage) comes in the classic straight 634-model.

The Iron Heart chambray, being well known, is now also available in a salt-and-pepper colour way. We've also got the indigo version in stock, another must-have. Then there's the Iron Heart Indigo Overdyed Workshirt, which comes in an oxford fabric and shell buttons instead of snap buttons.
The last new shirt is a very heavy 16oz Black Western, which could also be used as a jacket.

We'll end this with a pair of boots: Viberg x Iron Heart Scout Boot. It's the first collaboration between the brands, and we've featured them before on the blog. These things are heavy-duty, made of out of water buffalo leather, calf leather, Iron Heart's 21oz selvage denim and a Vibram sole.