Sunday 30 October 2011

Highlighted: Iron Heart Indigo Chambray (IHSH-21)

Today we'll take a closer look at one of Iron Heart's classic work shirts: the Iron Heart indigo chambray (IHSH-21). Made out of 10oz fabric, this shirt feels really sturdy. Since Iron Heart takes its garments seriously, all the details make this piece feel almost over-engineered, which is actually a great thing.
Here we see the indigo version of the shirt that we have in stock for €214,-. Besides this, we also have it in a slightly lighter short-sleeve version over here, and recently also a grey/black version.

It's a selvage fabric - a detail found on a couple places when you closely examine the shirt. 
A pocket and a close up of the chambray fabric, and a beautiful white cat-eye button.

The print that you find on the inside, making sure you know how to treat this piece.

The construction... what else can we say? Triple chainstitched, with a run of at the gussets.