Thursday 27 December 2012

Zooming in on the Samurai S003JP Yamato

Samurai Jeans has been amongst our ranks since early 2012 and ever since many of you left DC4 with a brand new pair. Time to zoom in one of the more popular fits, and also the slimmest model we carry: the Samurai S003JP Yamato.

The pair we've photographed had been worn for just one month. The fabric might not be the heaviest at 15 oz, but if feels remarkably sturdy. Samurai spent a lot of time on the details of this model. Expect detailed silver-coloured hardware, silver stitching and even a hint of silver in the selvage.

Monday 24 December 2012

Merry X-Mas

The crew of DC4 Berlin would like to thank our magnificient customers, faithful friends and loyal supporters.

2012 has been a great year !

The new store at the Torstrasse has been opened and we´re proud to have organised the very first Japanese Denim Party with The Flat Head in Europe.

Our goal is to bring the stunning Japanese craftmanship to European denim heads and with the addition of new brands such as Samurai Jeans we hope to achieve this more and more.

In the next year even more amazing goods and new brands will hit the store to accomodate your needs.

We wish you happy holidays and a great 2013 !

Sunday 23 December 2012

Visiting Toys McCoy

We paid another visit to Japan a couple weeks back and we met up with some great folks. One of the brands we were going to see was Toys McCoy, and they had a little surprise for us that blew our minds. In the basement of the Toys McCoy headquarters an amazing collections of bikes can be found, including the very same bike (nicknamed Captain America) that Peter Fonda rode in 'Easy Rider', the film from 1969.

Here DC4's Ollie and Daniel are being flanked by Seiji Tanabe (left) and Hiroshi Okamoto, the president of Toys McCoy and by far the biggest Steve McQueen fan on this planet. Check out more pictures of the bike collection after the break.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

New arrivals: Pure Blue Japan

The last new items of 2012 have landed in our online store. Pure Blue Japan has the honors, and closes this year in style. The new Pure Blue Japan XX-017 and XX-018 are made of a 'cobalt blue' 14 oz denim and this is truly a spectacular color and a great addition to even the most diverse collection of jeans. The XX-017 is the slimmer fitting jeans of the two.

In addition to those two, we have also added a pre-distressed pair to our collection, the Pure Blue Japan 3D-018. Normally we're not really fond of pre-distressed denim, but Pure Blue Japan has being doing very realistic work for the past couple of years.

Also, we carry two pretty unique pieces: a Type II and a Type III denim shirt. If you think the look of a denim jacket is a bit much, these shirts might be more to your liking. Both are made of 8 oz selvage denim, so they'll be comfortable enough to wear all day. To complete the indigo-on-indigo-on-indigo look, grab one of the high-quality indigo-dyed t-shirts.

Friday 7 December 2012

Right on time before Christmas: new items from The Flat Head

We received a brand new batch of The Flat Head clothing, just in time before Christmas. Get your friends or a close relative a really proper gift this year, or treat yourself to something nice. Nothing is better than starting the new year with a fresh pair of Japanese jeans.

With this new batch we have some all-time favorites back in stock, like the 7001W Denim Western Shirt. We also offer the 7002W now, which is slightly heavier (12oz instead of 10oz) and has different styled pockets.

Since winter has truly hit us hard now, it's time to start layering up. Try the Thermal Shirts under a denim shirt or just wear them as a sweater and show your love for The Flat Head. Next to layering items our collection of belts has grown too (which are a great gift by the way). Four new ones are available now: two with a plate buckle, and two dual prong belts. Both available in black and brown.

If you really want a special pair of jeans, try The Flat Head's Kevlar denim. We offer the bullet-proof denim in a slim a and straight fit. The denim has a weight of 13.5 oz and it's the very strongest denim The Flat Head has produced so far. We recon that didn't really come as a surprise though. If you prefer regular 100% cotton jeans, get the classic 1005 or the 3007 if you're looking for a boot cut pair.

Check out all the new items in our online store.

Sunday 11 November 2012

A review of DC4 by

In case you missed this: DC4 has recently been visited by the knowledgeable guys from They've reviewed the shop and interviewed Daniel and Frank. Check out the article for some great pictures of our store and a read about Daniel and Franks views on the denim world.

Read the article at Denimhunters »

Saturday 10 November 2012

New and exclusively at DC4: Tenjin Works

We're adding a highly exclusive new brand to our portfolio: Tenjin Works. These masters of leather-craft create goods such as jackets, bags and accessoires and will be available only through DC4 outside Japan!

Tenjin Works & DC4
The items won't be for sale directly from our shop - they are made to order in Japan. If you are interested in say a leather jacket, please contact us at contact[at]

Tenjin Works was founded in 2006 by Takagi-san in Tokyo, where the Tenjin shop and workshop are located. Takagi-san is highly passionate about his products, and only uses vegetable tanned leather to create his high-quality items. More information about Tenjin and how to acquire a piece will follow! In the mean time, after the break you will find some pictures of what you can expect.

Monday 5 November 2012

Samurai Jeans: new items from Japan

We have received a new batch of clothing straight from Osaka. Not only some proper basics like high quality, loop-wheeled t-shirts but more exquisite items that Samurai is known for too. Take the indigo vest for example: it's made of a gorgeous wabash-cloth that's a little different than your avarage wabash. In the true spirit of the Samurai (or ninja?) you'll notice the pattern is made up of shurikens, or throwing stars.

Also, the popular Samurai S003JP Jin jeans are back in stock again. These jeans are inspired by Lee denim. At 15 oz it's a little heavier than your average Lee jeans though. Still, the denim is very well spun (left hand, of course) and has a slubby charcter. It's the slimmest jeans by Samurai that we carry.

Next to the Jin we also carry a 17 oz model, the regular straight S5000VX. Together with the S710XX this is one of the most populair jeans Samurai makes. A proper straight fit with a slight taper, hidden rivets, heavy pocket bags and a mid rise. Note that these jeans still have the arcuates and red tab. You won't see that outside Japan, except at DC4 Berlin.

Jeans aren't complete without a matching belt. Heavy jeans should be accompanied by a heavy belt, and that's why we offer the Samurai Super Heavy Belt made out of the most thick (7 mm) and sturdy steer hide you'll find. This belt needs some breaking in!

To finish up we have two shirts in stock, both dyed with indigo. A work shirt made from a heavy cloth and lined with a brown version of the shuriken wabash fabric,  and a checkered white/blue flannel.

Thursday 6 September 2012

New batch of The Flat Head available online

A fresh batch of The Flat Head clothing and accessoires have been added to the DC4 shop. We've got leather key cases, t-shirts, an amazing denim shirt made out of 12 oz denim and of course, new jeans.

First and foremost The Flat Head is joining the heavy denim game with the 2011 and 2015 models, both made out of 20 oz cloth. The Flat Head 2011 is the slim fitting jeans, similar to the famous 3001 and 1001. The 2015 model is a regular, straight fit. So if 14,5 or 16 oz isn't heavy enough, try one of these. Especially if you're a fan of Iron Heart and in need of something different, you'll love these.

Also, there's the classic slim fitting The Flat Head 3001 dyed with a natural indigo. These jeans will have a more 'vintage' feel to them as they fade, instead of the very contrasty fading normal Flat Head jeans produce. They'll also take a lot longer to fade - don't expect the same results from this limited edition 3001 in a couple of months as a regular pair!

The 7007 denim shirt by The Flat Head might as well become one of our favorite denim shirts of all time. The classic look with mother-of-pearl buttons is made out of 12 oz selvage denim, and parts of it are stitched with white thread for maximum contrast. If you prefer the regular one, we've also got the 7001 shirt in stock.

There's even more. Check out all the new products here »

Sunday 17 June 2012

DC4 visiting the Samurai Jeans HQ

When we visited Japan a couple weeks ago, we also had the pleasure to stop by at Samurai Jeans to check out the new collection. Of course we got some new gear for the shop, including a new model: the Samurai S5000VX - a classic straight leg jeans made out of 17 oz jeans. You can also expect a bunch high quality Samurai t-shirts and a beautiful indigo vest. Check out the pics of the Samurai HQ:

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Follow DC4 Berlin on Tumblr

If you're on Tumblr, make sure to follow DC4:! We'll be posting images of beautifully faded jeans, boots, long lost times when selvage denim was the only denim you could buy and sweet cars and bikes. If you have a post that you think should belong on the DC4 Tumblr, make sure to tag it with 'DC4' or 'DC4 Berlin'.

Thursday 31 May 2012

DC4 X The Flat Head present: Japanese Denim Party

We are very proud to organize the first European denim party in collaboration with The Flat Head. The new collection will be shown at the DC4 store at the Torstrasse 95 in Berlin. The president of The Flat Head, Kobayashi-san, and his right hand, Horiuchi-san, will also attend the party to sign posters and talk denim.

DC4 will serve cold beers from Mahr's Bräu and yakitori to keep you happy and there will be more eye-candy in the form of amazing cars and bikes. The party will be held on wednesday the 4th of July at the DC4 store from 17.00 - 21.00. Afterwards we'll head out to restaurant Sage near the river Spree for an after-party.

The best thing about this all? You're invited! Please sign up using this form and we'll be having a beer under the Berlin sun (hopefully) on the 4th of July. Limited edition, high-quality t-shirt (sign by Kobayashi-san) for the party will be for sale at the store.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Meeting up with Manifold in Tokyo

There may have been a bit of radio silence lately, but trust us when we say we've been keeping ourself busy. We just got back from an amazing trip to Japan, where we met up with the leather artisans from Manifold.

On May 19th we had a great dinner with Manifold's Yoshitaka Miyamoto and Aiko Okanaga in Tokyo. They honored us with awesome gifts - Ollie recieved a green wallet made out of cordovan leather, combined with a red-black woven wallet rope and a key holder. Daniel now owns a brand new black leather wallet and three brass key chains - Miyamoto-san and Okanaga-san, we can't thank you enough for these!

Saturday 24 March 2012

New Flat Head gear just arrived

Fresh from Nagano we received new products of one of our finest brands, Flat Head.

Besides new t-shirts and the Flat Head jewelry collection, we also got in a new jeans, the F2001.
It features the same cut as the F3001, but with the heavier 16oz denim known from the 1001.

Check out the online store.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

DC4 & Manifold: an exclusive wallet collaboration

The last year we've been working very hard on a collaboration that we kept under the radar until now: a DC4 Berlin & Manifold wallet! DC4's Ollie worked together with Yoshitaka Miyamoto-san, the president of Manifold and one of the worlds best leather artisans, to create this truly stunning piece.

The wallet consists of three pieces: the wallet itself, a key holder and a wallet rope. The outside of the wallet is made of black leather, while the inside is tan colored. The tan colored leather will age beautifully and gets a nice patina over time. Also, you’ll find a stamp saying Manifold & DC4 on the inside in the wallet.

The key holder and is done in a matching color way. To top this all off, Manifold’s unique and characteristic hardware is made of 925 sterling silver. The leather used for the wallet rope is produced exclusively for DC4 and is constructed with three sterling silver rings.

Just 10 sets will be available, and each one is signed by Miyamoto-san himself. Needless to say, we’re very proud of this collab. More pics will be posted tomorrow, and the pieces will be available soon in the DC4 online shop.

Wednesday 29 February 2012

A closer look at the Iron Heart DC4002

We're very proud to present our second collaboration with Iron Heart in the form of the Iron Heart DC4002. It's available right now in the DC4 online store. Take a closer look at this pair of 25oz jeans and check out all the details after the break!

Monday 27 February 2012

Get ready for the Iron Heart DC4002

This Wednesday (the 29th of februari) our second collaboration with Iron Heart will be for sale in the online store at 21.00 sharp. The Iron Heart DC4002 is fit- and detail-wise almost similar to our first collab, the DC4001, but this time it's made out of the 'super extra heavy denim': 25oz. Trust us, this is not for the faint of heart.

The denim is the same as used on the Iron Heart 634-XHS, but in our signature fit: straight, but with a slightly higher rise than its predecessor. It's a very limited run of just 49 pairs - make sure you don't sleep on this one, you won't get a second chance with these heavy hitters.

Sunday 19 February 2012

A look in the kitchen of Studio D'Artisan

One of Japan's best known denim brands, Studio D'Artisan, has been producing denim since 1979. These guys know what they're talking about, and the creators of the jeans with the well-known pigs let us take a look at their production process. Check out these video's and witness the craftmanship:

More video's by SDA can be found on their YouTube channel. Inspired by the video's and want to get your own pair? Lucky you - we got a few pairs left.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Loop wheeled sweatshirts by The Flat Head

The Flat Head loop wheeled sweaters
Fresh from Japan and ready to comfort you during this European winter of horror: a loop wheeled sweatshirt from The Flat Head. We got 'em in two duo-tone colorways and both have their own print. These loop wheeled crew necks are made from heavyweight cotton and are really soft - truly a super comfy and durable sweater.

Both sweaters are available in sizes L and XL in our online shop.

Sunday 8 January 2012

New gear: shirts by Iron Heart & Dry Bones

We got a couple of new shirts to complete your winter outfits with. There are four new Iron Heart shirts available. The Iron Heart SH-49 is a denim shirt made of 8oz denim, and that might not seem to heavy for Iron Heart standards. There's a catch to it though: Haraki-san designed it with a blanket lining and quilted sleeves, which make it even wearable as a jacket in the spring and autumn.

If you're feeling like wearing a flannel as heavy and warm as a proper blanket, try a 12 oz Iron Heart flannel. We got them in two colourways: a classic Black Flannel and a Check Flannel. The last new shirt is a Grey Melton with side pockets to keep your hands warm at all times. Perfect for layering. All the Iron Heart shirts are available in sizes M - 3XL.

Then there are new shirts by Dry Bones too: checkered flannels in red and mint. We'll top this new batch off with a great book with lots and lots of vintage eyecandy: King of Vintage, Heller's Cafe Volume 3. This 176-page book is highly coveted amonst collectors, so get a copy while they're still in stock!