Thursday 6 September 2012

New batch of The Flat Head available online

A fresh batch of The Flat Head clothing and accessoires have been added to the DC4 shop. We've got leather key cases, t-shirts, an amazing denim shirt made out of 12 oz denim and of course, new jeans.

First and foremost The Flat Head is joining the heavy denim game with the 2011 and 2015 models, both made out of 20 oz cloth. The Flat Head 2011 is the slim fitting jeans, similar to the famous 3001 and 1001. The 2015 model is a regular, straight fit. So if 14,5 or 16 oz isn't heavy enough, try one of these. Especially if you're a fan of Iron Heart and in need of something different, you'll love these.

Also, there's the classic slim fitting The Flat Head 3001 dyed with a natural indigo. These jeans will have a more 'vintage' feel to them as they fade, instead of the very contrasty fading normal Flat Head jeans produce. They'll also take a lot longer to fade - don't expect the same results from this limited edition 3001 in a couple of months as a regular pair!

The 7007 denim shirt by The Flat Head might as well become one of our favorite denim shirts of all time. The classic look with mother-of-pearl buttons is made out of 12 oz selvage denim, and parts of it are stitched with white thread for maximum contrast. If you prefer the regular one, we've also got the 7001 shirt in stock.

There's even more. Check out all the new products here »