Sunday 27 February 2011

Highlighted: The Flat Head 1001

The Flat Head 1001 is based on the extremely popular 3001-model. The Flat Head decided to step it's game up and created the same cut but with a heavier fabric (16oz instead of 14.5oz) and called it the 1001. 

Saturday 26 February 2011

Exclusive at DC4: Manifold Detail Works

Remember that a little while go we told you something nice and exclusive was coming? Well, it's here! The brand is called Manifold Detail Works and the first batch of products are available in our online shop now. A second batch is expected next week. Check out these pics that show what Manifold leather goods are all about - crazy leathers and extreme detailing.We're really proud to be able to offer you these bad ass wallets, bags and leather reigns as the only retailer outside Japan.

Rin Tanaka's Queen of Vintage

Over here at DC4 we're very excited over the vintage collection of Kathleen Schaaf, the owner of Meow Vintage which is featured in this book by Rin Tanaka. 'Queen of Vintage' follows up 'King of Vintage', which was about Larry McKaughan's collection.

Schaaf collected an amazing array of women's, kid's and men's vintage clothing and accessories. Check out some of the goods after the break. The book is available in our online shop, and since it's a limited copy, don't sleep on it!

Sunday 20 February 2011

Takashi's awesome denim collection

It's Sunday, and you've probably got a spare hour at your hand. Take a look at an amazing denim collection, with lots of worn in samples. The website is rather poorly made, which only adds to the charm. Takashi covers lots of well know brands, like Evisu, Denime and Sugar Cane, but also has a few gems that you don't read about very often, like American Dream and Dania. It helps if you can read Japanese. If you don't, Google Translate is your friend.
 Takashi's Denim Collection

Making progress: DC4001 at 2 months

So this pair of Iron Heart DC4001's have been worn for almost 2 months. The denim has really softened up, thank god. They are actually pretty comfortable now! Wearing 21oz denim has a downside though: it makes all your 'regular' weight jeans feel like silk pyjamas. The indigo is breaking in a bit as you can see in these pictures. Still, it's only been 2 months and since this pair is competing in a 2 year contest with other heavyweight jeans, you can expect a lot more from this pair in the future.

Saturday 12 February 2011

Iron Heart x DC4: the 2nd t-shirt collaboration!

In two weeks we've got another exclusive Iron Heart x DC4 collab in store! Together with the guys from Iron Heart we created a graphic design for a t-shirt when were at the Iron Heart HQ last November. Since the Iron Heart culture revolves around custom motorcycles a lot, we were inspired by the beautiful bikes at the HQ. Together with Hiro-san this t-shirt was designed and it will be printed on Made in Japan, heavyweight, high quality cotton shirts. What else would you expect?

The back of the t-shirt says '21st century hardcore'. The first t-shirt collab was a great success, so don't miss out when this one drops! Only 30 (!) pieces will be available, and this will be a one time run.

Get bulletproof with The Flat Head

After we got some great new stuff in by Pure Blue Japan last week, it's The Flat Head's turn this time. We've got two flannels in colorways you can easily wear whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter. Also, have a look at the limited edition denim shirt, inspired by shirts from the 1940's. It's embroided on the front and the back, and knowing TFH, the denim will break in spectacularly.

Now on to something quite bizarre: the strongest denim The Flat Head has ever produced. They didn't accomplish the strength by producing super heavy 21oz+ denim, but instead they chose to weave the kevlar into the denim. Kevlar. That's a material they use to create bulletproof vests. The denim is 'only' 13,5oz, but we'd like to see a little Iron Heart vs. The Flat Head Kevlar competition so see which denim will last longer.

Another truly spectacular piece: the Type II denim jacket. Trust us on this one, it really is one of the greatest and most sought after denim jackets ever produced. It's a classic and boxy style fit, and when given the right amount of love, will look something like this in a couple years (click to enlarge):

We also received a restock on the popular The Flat Head 1001 model. Check all the products out in our online store!

Saturday 5 February 2011

Viberg Boots x Iron Heart Works Inc.

Viberg, a Canadian manufacturer of high quality boots coveted all over the world, has teamed up with Iron Heart to create a spectacular piece. The toe cap of this boot is made of black leather, the rest is a deep blue hue, and of course it features Iron Heart's signature denim. And unlike other boots, you won't need to worry about your jeans bleeding on the leather.

New stuff by Pure Blue Japan

Now available in our online shop: some great new goods from our friends at Pure Blue Japan. We got two long sleeve shirts in, and two flannel shirts. The long sleeve shirts are great for the upcoming spring, which we hope won't take too long any more. They're made of a cotton and linen blend and they are Iwaya-san's favourite colour; indigo.

The flannel shirts are made of 100% cotton. Perfect for pretty much any season if you ask us. Mind you that we only have a small batch of these, so don't sleep! Last up is a nice accessory, a gauze scarf. It's a thin fabric, with a loose weave, like many of Pure Blue Japan's products.