Saturday 12 February 2011

Get bulletproof with The Flat Head

After we got some great new stuff in by Pure Blue Japan last week, it's The Flat Head's turn this time. We've got two flannels in colorways you can easily wear whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter. Also, have a look at the limited edition denim shirt, inspired by shirts from the 1940's. It's embroided on the front and the back, and knowing TFH, the denim will break in spectacularly.

Now on to something quite bizarre: the strongest denim The Flat Head has ever produced. They didn't accomplish the strength by producing super heavy 21oz+ denim, but instead they chose to weave the kevlar into the denim. Kevlar. That's a material they use to create bulletproof vests. The denim is 'only' 13,5oz, but we'd like to see a little Iron Heart vs. The Flat Head Kevlar competition so see which denim will last longer.

Another truly spectacular piece: the Type II denim jacket. Trust us on this one, it really is one of the greatest and most sought after denim jackets ever produced. It's a classic and boxy style fit, and when given the right amount of love, will look something like this in a couple years (click to enlarge):

We also received a restock on the popular The Flat Head 1001 model. Check all the products out in our online store!