Friday 8 February 2013

DC4 & Herzbube Motorcycles


The base of this project is a chopped Harley Davidson Panhead from 1955. 

We will build a radically super skinny late 60`s Chopper out of it !

On that account the bike will share the same name like the famous model.


Pure handwork, chopper building in an old manner, with a lots of blood, sweat and passion.

He´re we go...

...stay tuned & enjoy

Friday 1 February 2013

The Flat Head Extravaganza

Straight from Japan, some beautiful new accessoires by The Flat Head have hit the online shop. Wallets, keyholders and even a silver ring are now available. The Flat Head has been well known for years for it's high quality leather goods. The tan coloured leather of the long wallet ages beautifully and gets a nice darker hue over time. Team it up with a wallet rope by TFH or Manifold and to finish the attire.

Next to the long wallets we also have card cases in stock, for those who like a more discreet wallet. The sterling silver feather-shaped ring is adjustable in size and well, it's pretty stylish.

Next to accessoires we have two new pairs of jeans in: the 3011LTD, which is a limited model made out of 14,5 oz denim on vintage Union Special sewing machines. It's a tapered fit with a medium rise. We've also got the 3002; which is the same as the iconic 3001, but with a button fly and a slightly more tapered leg.

Last but not least is one of our current favourite pieces: the 12 oz Flat Head Wabash Vest. The Japanese know their Wabash game like no other and it shows in this vest. Wear it over a nice chambray or oxford shirt, maybe even paired up with a tie if you're up to it.