Sunday 13 April 2014

A Closer Look: Toys McCoy Lot 135D

One of the rarer pairs of Japanese denim you might encounter in Europe are the Toys McCoy Lot 135D jeans. The pair is a straight cut with a slight taper, made out of 13.5oz selvage denim. As you may expect from Toys McCoy, the Lot 135D jeans are overloaded with beautiful details.

This pair has been worn effectively for 2 months and has been soaked twice. One time before wearing to get the shrinkage out of the way, and one more time after 50 days of wear.

It feels a tad heavier than 13.5oz, and has a very rich, deep blue color. The denim is has lots and lots of character, and we can't wait to see the result after many more months or even years of wear. Because the texture is pretty crispy after a soak, the creases set in nicely.

The beautiful leather patch

Pink selvage

Donut laurel buttons

Okamoto-san's sign of approval

Please note that these jeans bleeds indigo like crazy! Prepare yourself for blue hands in the first weeks of wear, and be careful with light coloured clothing and interior: it will get stained! The plus side of this is that you'll see results quick, comparable to denim from The Flat Head or Samurai.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Restocking DC4

Slowly but steadily, we're getting new stock in again to cater your Japanese denim needs. It's been two months since the robbery (the investigation is still going on, by the way) and we're getting back on track. Some of the items are already available in the online store.

First up are two Iron Heart items: the slim but extremely heavy (25oz) Devil's Fit. Oh, and prepare yourself for some bruised legs in the first days of wear with these, especially when sizing down. Wearing 25oz cloth is for veteran raw denim fans only.

Another heavy piece is the 12oz "Johnny Cash Works Too" black denim shirt. Naturally, it's a selvage fabric (shown on the gussets and the cuffs) and it sports metal buttons. Available in sizes M - XXL.

Last up is a true eye-catcher: the Toys McCoy C-3 sheepskin vest. This beautifully detailed vest is inspired by pre-WW2 emblems from the US army. Pair it up with a Type II-denim jacket for a classic look.

Saturday 8 February 2014

DC4 featured in Men's File/Clutch Magazine

Japanese magazine Clutch and British magazine Men's File teamed up and created a special edition together. The result is a bi-annual issue, only released in Japan, and we're very proud to have been featured in it! The article is - of course - written in Japanese and features pictures from the store and some Samurai, The Flat Head and our own Iron Heart DC4002 jeans.

Sunday 2 February 2014

A little update: the shop is open

Although most of our stock has been robbed in the night of January 14th, the store at the Torstrasse 95 is open for business. We really appreciate all the kind words and compassion that has been shown to us over the last two weeks.

We're waiting for new stock to arrive from Japan. First up, The Flat Head and Toys McCoy will be restocked as soon as possible - of course we'll keep you updated on the blog and on Facebook. Drop by for a chat, a beer and walk out with a fresh pair of denim. Of course you can also bring us your worn in jeans if they need some fixing or a fresh hem from our Union Special. Please note that the online store is still closed.

See you soon!

Saturday 18 January 2014

We've been robbed.

On Tuesday night the 14th of January around 3 to 5 AM, DC4 has been robbed. Culprits have broken into the store and taken most of the items in our store at the Torstrasse. The police are currently investigating the case.

Important: DC4 stamp 
All the jeans from our store have been stamped 'DC4 Berlin' on one of the inner pockets. If you come across a brand new pair of jeans with this stamp, get in contact with us as soon as possible! Please keep an eye out for any of the goods that might come from our store. Many brands are hardly available outside of Japan, like Toys McCoy and Samurai Jeans.

Help us find stolen items and get a reward!
Do you spot a stolen product on websites like eBay or on a forum? Send the link to contact[at] and you'll receive a FREE pair of jeans, and a discount on your next 3 orders.

Don't place online orders until further notice
Naturally, this means that orders placed online cannot be processed right now, we hope for your understanding. The shop will be closed until further notice. We're shocked and outraged about the whole event and can't wait for the criminals to be put to justice.