Sunday 11 November 2012

A review of DC4 by

In case you missed this: DC4 has recently been visited by the knowledgeable guys from They've reviewed the shop and interviewed Daniel and Frank. Check out the article for some great pictures of our store and a read about Daniel and Franks views on the denim world.

Read the article at Denimhunters »

Saturday 10 November 2012

New and exclusively at DC4: Tenjin Works

We're adding a highly exclusive new brand to our portfolio: Tenjin Works. These masters of leather-craft create goods such as jackets, bags and accessoires and will be available only through DC4 outside Japan!

Tenjin Works & DC4
The items won't be for sale directly from our shop - they are made to order in Japan. If you are interested in say a leather jacket, please contact us at contact[at]

Tenjin Works was founded in 2006 by Takagi-san in Tokyo, where the Tenjin shop and workshop are located. Takagi-san is highly passionate about his products, and only uses vegetable tanned leather to create his high-quality items. More information about Tenjin and how to acquire a piece will follow! In the mean time, after the break you will find some pictures of what you can expect.

Monday 5 November 2012

Samurai Jeans: new items from Japan

We have received a new batch of clothing straight from Osaka. Not only some proper basics like high quality, loop-wheeled t-shirts but more exquisite items that Samurai is known for too. Take the indigo vest for example: it's made of a gorgeous wabash-cloth that's a little different than your avarage wabash. In the true spirit of the Samurai (or ninja?) you'll notice the pattern is made up of shurikens, or throwing stars.

Also, the popular Samurai S003JP Jin jeans are back in stock again. These jeans are inspired by Lee denim. At 15 oz it's a little heavier than your average Lee jeans though. Still, the denim is very well spun (left hand, of course) and has a slubby charcter. It's the slimmest jeans by Samurai that we carry.

Next to the Jin we also carry a 17 oz model, the regular straight S5000VX. Together with the S710XX this is one of the most populair jeans Samurai makes. A proper straight fit with a slight taper, hidden rivets, heavy pocket bags and a mid rise. Note that these jeans still have the arcuates and red tab. You won't see that outside Japan, except at DC4 Berlin.

Jeans aren't complete without a matching belt. Heavy jeans should be accompanied by a heavy belt, and that's why we offer the Samurai Super Heavy Belt made out of the most thick (7 mm) and sturdy steer hide you'll find. This belt needs some breaking in!

To finish up we have two shirts in stock, both dyed with indigo. A work shirt made from a heavy cloth and lined with a brown version of the shuriken wabash fabric,  and a checkered white/blue flannel.