Saturday 10 November 2012

New and exclusively at DC4: Tenjin Works

We're adding a highly exclusive new brand to our portfolio: Tenjin Works. These masters of leather-craft create goods such as jackets, bags and accessoires and will be available only through DC4 outside Japan!

Tenjin Works & DC4
The items won't be for sale directly from our shop - they are made to order in Japan. If you are interested in say a leather jacket, please contact us at contact[at]

Tenjin Works was founded in 2006 by Takagi-san in Tokyo, where the Tenjin shop and workshop are located. Takagi-san is highly passionate about his products, and only uses vegetable tanned leather to create his high-quality items. More information about Tenjin and how to acquire a piece will follow! In the mean time, after the break you will find some pictures of what you can expect.