Sunday 3 September 2017

Back in Berlin: Pure Blue Japan

Pure Blue Japan makes a comeback at DC4! This well-loved brand is known for its slubby denim with very characteristic fades. The small leaf on the right back pocket is a mark for quality. This is what we got in our first delivery:

Pure Blue Japan XX-019 (Relax Tapered)
Want a bit more room in the thigh while maintaining a modern silhouette? Look no further: the XX-019 is your cut. This comfortable fit has a bit more lenght in the rise, roomier thighs and an aggresive taper towards the leg opening. As expected from PBJ, the 13.8oz denim is full of character, promising great fades. It's made in small batches, so don't sleep on your size.

Pure Blue Japan XX-18oz-013 (Slim Tapered)
On of it's more popular cuts (based on the 011) is now also available in a heavier 18oz version. It's a slim fit with a modern taper from the knee down.

Pure Blue Japan KS-013 (Slim Tapered)
'KS' stands for 'knubbed selvegde', which means the denim is slubby. You really have to see and feel this fabric in person to truly understand the character of this fabric: even for PBJ standards, this is something special. The denim promises strong vertical fades.

Pure Blue Japan SS5010 T-shirt
Ever got fades on a t-shirt? Now's your chance with the SS5010 indigo dyed t-shirt. It features a round neck and is made out 100% cotton. Since it being one-washed, you don't have to worry about shrinkage.