Sunday 23 December 2012

Visiting Toys McCoy

We paid another visit to Japan a couple weeks back and we met up with some great folks. One of the brands we were going to see was Toys McCoy, and they had a little surprise for us that blew our minds. In the basement of the Toys McCoy headquarters an amazing collections of bikes can be found, including the very same bike (nicknamed Captain America) that Peter Fonda rode in 'Easy Rider', the film from 1969.

Here DC4's Ollie and Daniel are being flanked by Seiji Tanabe (left) and Hiroshi Okamoto, the president of Toys McCoy and by far the biggest Steve McQueen fan on this planet. Check out more pictures of the bike collection after the break.

The iconic bike from Easy Rider
Daniel having the privilege of feeling like Peter Fonda

We would like to thank Tanabe-san and Okamoto-san for their hospitality and great knowledge!