Thursday 27 December 2012

Zooming in on the Samurai S003JP Yamato

Samurai Jeans has been amongst our ranks since early 2012 and ever since many of you left DC4 with a brand new pair. Time to zoom in one of the more popular fits, and also the slimmest model we carry: the Samurai S003JP Yamato.

The pair we've photographed had been worn for just one month. The fabric might not be the heaviest at 15 oz, but if feels remarkably sturdy. Samurai spent a lot of time on the details of this model. Expect detailed silver-coloured hardware, silver stitching and even a hint of silver in the selvage.

The stitching on the back pockets or arcuates, resemble those of Lee Jeans. The Yamato-line from Samurai is an homage to the iconic American brand.

Fit wise, the Samurai S003JP Yamato is the slimmest Samurai fit we carry. It has a tapered leg and a low- to medium rise, resulting in a fairly modern fit. Fans of jeans like the Flat Head 3001/1001 and Iron Heart 666S will surely enjoy this pair.

A close up of the fabric where it folds at the knee. Vertical falling is already setting in.

The pocket bags of the jeans are made of a heavy twill fabric. This fabric also fully lines the back pockets, so your wallet won't eat through the denim as fast as it normally would.

The top button with the image of a sakura, or cherry blossom. This is one of the symbols actual samurai used in the past, representing the nature of the samurai's life.

The blue selvage with a silver thread running through it.

The leather patch, made of leather from a Wagyu cow, will age nicely over time.

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