Saturday 18 June 2011


Let's have a look at some examples of roping on the hems of Japanese jeans. Roping happens when the denim on your hem moves one way, and the rest of the jeans turn the other way, creating a twisting effect that is loved by denim aficionados. One thing that's almost obligatory for creating this effect, is having chain stitched hems. Which is no problem at DC4. Get a pair of jeans (in-store or online) and get your new pair hemmed for free on our vintage Union Special 43200.

Roping on a well-worn pair of Skull Jeans 5109XX.

Chain stitched hems do have a con: it tends to unravel after some time.

Roping on a pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-007. 

Our chain stitching service won't be our only service to alter your jeans. With our newly acquired vintage sewing machines (more on those later) we'll be able to repair your jeans like they would back in the days! Keep an eye on the blog for more information.