Wednesday 8 May 2013

New Arrivals: more 15th Anniversary denim by Samurai Jeans

Three brand new pairs of Samurai jeans have arrived in the online store. All three have details that will only come out on batches produced this year, since it's Samurai's 15 anniversary. This means every pair has a special leather patch, a red tab with gold instead of silver stitching, a custom flasher and last but not least, a denim bag & pin-back button.

The models that are available are the indigo Samurai S710XX, which is one a tapered slim fit made out of a heavy 19oz denim - it fades fast and it fades beautifully.

Next is the Samurai S003JP - the slimmest fit of Samurai that we carry. Fans of slim-fit jeans like The Flat Head 3001/1001 will surely like the S003JP too. The denim on this one is pretty spectacular, being made out of a blend of pima an Egyptian cotton. With 15oz, this pair of jeans is even summer-proof.

The last pair is a Samurai S0110XJII - or simply 'Jin'. This is a Japanese take on Lee denim from the 1940's. The 17oz left-hand twill denim has a gorgeous hue of indigo, which will fade slightly more like the jeans from the old days instead of high-contrast fades.

All the jeans are low on stock, but we are expecting more jeans to arrive from Osaka in a month. Next to these pairs we'll also offer the 15th Anniversary-versions of the black S710XX and a the heaviest Samurai so far: the 25oz S5000VX.