Saturday 22 June 2013

New Arrival: Samurai S5000BK 17oz Straight

For those who enjoy a black pair of denim next to their indigo pairs, we've got one of the very best just in store: the Samurai S5000BK Zero Denim. The jeans are made out of a selvage 17oz denim with a black dyed warp, which will actually fade just like indigo, leaving you with a beautiful grey pair. To give you an idea how these will fade (click to enlarge):

Pictures courtesy of The Hall Of Fade.

Available now in sizes 32 - 38 in the DC4 Online Store.

As with a lot of Samurai items we carry, these S5000BK's are a limited edition to honor Samurai's 15th anniversary. The leather patch, red tab and flasher have been customised and the jeans come with a Samurai denim bag and a pin-back button.
Detail of the weft
Soaking process
Soaking process

Drying outdoors
Fit-wise, these are straight with a mid rise. The denim is unsanforized, meaning it will shrink-to-fit, so keep this in mind when choosing your size. And if you won't want to go through the trouble of soaking your Samurai Jeans, we'd be happy to do so in our Soaking Room. Of course, after soaking, we'll hem them to the right length on our Union Special.