Sunday 1 September 2013

The evolution of Pure Blue Japan's 007 denim

The only denim carrying James Bond's codename sure is something special. Pure Blue Japan created a gorgeous fabric where both the warp and weft are dyed with indigo - the Pure Blue Japan XX-007 is the result. It comes in two flavours: a 14oz and a very heavy 24oz version. The core remains white though, so you'll get a high-contrast fade over time.

How do these pairs age, you ask? See for yourself. The good folks at Pure Blue Japan captured some stunning pairs for you to drool over. First, the 24 oz version, worn for a year:

Second, the most worn-down pair of XX-007 we've ever seen. According to Pure Blue Japan the owner put about three years of hard work in this pair:

More pictures can be found at PBJ's blog. Currently we're a little low on stock on these pairs, but follow us on Facebook to get a reminder when we'll be restocking both versions.