Wednesday 23 October 2013

Denim jackets - a look at the evolution of style

Denim jackets have been around since the late 19th century. The most iconic denim brands have put out several types of denim jackets over the past decades. And just like a classic pair of jeans, like the Levi's 501 or the Lee 101, those jackets have evolved over time. Let's have a look at the archetypes of jean jackets.

Type I
The jacket where it all started. Pleated fronts, one pocket on the left side, and a very typical boxy fit. The earliest models came without a pocket flap, and Levi's iconic red tab wasn't added until 1936. At the back you'll find a cinch to give the jacket a bit of a taper. The model number of these jackets at Levi's is 506XX.

Type II
The successor is called, surprisingly, the 507XX. A pocket was added on the other side and the cinch was replaced with two flaps to adjust the waist. This classic makes up for our personal favourite.

Type III
Now for the most well-known denim jacket style we'll take a look at the Type III, or 557XX. The boxy fit is replaced by a more flattering cut, with two pointed flaps. The Type III is also known as the 'trucker jacket'. It came out in the 1950's for the first time, and it's still made today.

Naturally, DC4 Berlin carries some jackets as well. The Japanese have taken these all-time classics and made their own versions of it. Expect wear and tear like you get on your Japanese jeans - high contrasts, crazy fades and that feeling that every single detail has really been thought through. For instance, check out this Type II jacket by Dry Bones or super-heavy Type III by, who else, Iron Heart. They'll accompany your life for many years to come.

In the coming weeks we're expecting more denim jackets to arrive from Japan by The Flat Head and Samurai Jeans.