Sunday 28 November 2010

DC4 at the Iron Heart HQ

The pics from our trip to Japan are here! First up is Iron Heart, which we visited at their HQ. Enjoy.

The gray Harley is one of the fastest Sportster in Tokyo, build from Sundance Enterprise. Zak Shibazaki, the president from Sundance, is the best high-performance bike tuner in Japan. The engine was build with the legendary Sundance/Keihin dual carbs system.

Framed original vintage Harley T-Shirts.

Original Vintage Buco Helmets from the 70´s. They're in great condition and for sale.

Short brake. Time for lunch (Japanese burgers), after a hard business meeting.

Another bike from his collection.

Iron Heart's hemming service on the second floor with a Union Special 43200G.

Haraki San´s collection of „Johnny Lightning“ cars.

Daniel & Haraki-san with a signed pair of DC4001.

Of course a 21 oz license plate, what else.

Yoshitaka Miyamoto from Manifold came in the garage. A big honor to meet him personally. He's a genius leather manufacturer.