Wednesday 19 January 2011

Masters of Indigo: interview with Pure Blue Japan

When we were in Japan last November, we had the pleasure to visit Pure Blue Japan. Of course we took advantage of the situation and interviewed Iwaya-san, the founder of the company. Check out the interview after the break!

Iwaya-san and Daniel

When did your love for denim start?
I've been wearing selvage jeans since I was a child. I was working in a denim store in Okayama, when I was 20 years old and I decided to establish my own denim brand. Denim has always been my passion and something very special for me.

What pair of jeans are you wearing right now? 
Pure Blue Japan XX-005.

Where do you get your inspiration from, when it comes to creating garments?
When I see the clothes of people, I often think about to produce the clothes in a denim fabric. I love the indigo color. Originally I come from the fabric manufacturing and I grow up with the jeans production, where I got my knowledge.

What was your first pair of jeans?
Levis 501.

You produce denim with a slubby texture, which is characteristic for Pure Blue Japan. If this denim produced just for Pure Blue Japan?
This unique texture is a signature feature of Pure Blue Japan and it is produced only for the XX-005,  XX-007  and AI-002 models.

Is the blue selvage also a trademark of Pure Blue Japan?
Yes, it is a particular sign of Pure Blue Japan. The recognition of our brand.
How did you get the idea to create the NC-011 model in 'Threne Black', a 'No Change denim'?
A good friend asked me if I could produce a black pair of jeans, which never fades. I´ve been thinking about it and I have tried a lot of differents dyeing processes. Then I found the 'threne black' color and the NC- 011 model was born. This model is a great success, the customers love this model in Japan.

What means the embroidered leaf on the rear pocket?
The blue dye is initially produced from the indigo plant. The blue leaf stands for Pure Blue Japan. The red outlines of the leaf symbolizes the original red selvage of a jeans
Do you have any secrets you could share with DC4’s readers about your brand? 
I will release some new super heavy jeans in a outstanding 24 oz  extra heavy denim. The new 24oz XX-005 model, indigo warp/white weft... like the XX-005 cut, and the new 24oz XX-007 model, indigo warp/indigo weft... like the XX-007 cut.

Lastly, do you have a message for your European customers?
Yes, I always try to produce the best quality of jeans with the highest standard of manufacturing. I´m very proud that the best jeans are produced in Japan. I would like to thank the European customers that they appreciate my work. Enjoy to wear one of the best jeans in the world.
Iwaya-san signing a pair of Pure Blue Japan AI-002 jeans