Thursday 17 March 2011

Finding your dream motorcycle - in a toilet.

Imagine this: in the late 1940's you're a gentleman going by the name of Mr. Bicker, and you hear a tale that a genuine Harley Davidson is stored somewhere in a remote mine, still fresh in the wooden crate the factory released it in. The mine is located in Western Australia, and you happen to live there. Your dad is able to locate the bike after an extensive search, and the bike turns out to be hidden in - of all places - the toilet.

The bike, produced in 1929, turns out to be in an immaculate condition, and although the bike was only about 20 years old back then, it wasn't considered very rare, but still a nice collectors piece. Since the owner of the mine couldn't get the bike started, he decided to sell it. Mr. Bicker bought it and managed to start it quite easily.

This is a true story, and earlier this year the bike got sold for $125.800 at the Bonhams Vegas Auction. To us, finding a bike like that (or a pair of denim!) in some abandoned mining town or a barn yard, would be a dream come true.

By the way, we got a nice piece by The Flat Head available in our webshop right now that would go along pretty well with a vintage ride like this. It's a cap made out of 12oz indigo dyed wabash fabric. Check it out here!