Friday 4 March 2011

Marvin's Vintage

Another gem from Japan: Marvin's Vintage, a vintage denim shop in Tokyo. Of course the web design looks amazing. Gotta love the '(C) 1991 Mavin's Vintage' at the bottom of the page. Unlike the recent post about Takashi and his collection of Japanese denim, Marvin's is all about vintage goods.

You can get a lot of different stuff; from Hawaii shirts from the 1940's to €55.000 Levi's jeans from the late 19th century. It's a lot of fun to just browse around to see what they have to offer. Sure, almost nobody will actually have the cash to drop on a pair of vintage denim (you could also buy a brand new BMW, for example), but e-window shopping is also fun.

PS: The blog is taking a little break for a skiing trip in Austria, but will be back soon with new stuff!