Saturday 10 December 2011

DC4: official European retailer of Samurai Jeans!

While we're very busy altering our new store at the Torstr. 95, we've got some great news for you guys. DC4 is the official European retailer for Samurai Jeans Co! The first batch of garments is on it's way from Osaka, hometown of Samurai, to Berlin so we'll be able to supply you with the very best Samurai has to offer very soon.

Samurai, a company that many consider the 6th member of the original 'Osaka 5' denim companies, is known for it's outstanding denim with almost ridiculous fading capabilities. Their most well-known denim fabrics are medium to heavy weight (say 15 to 24oz) and are easily recognized by connaisseurs all over the world.

More info on the products will follow soon!