Sunday 18 December 2011

Pure Blue Japan - a look at amazing fades

The last time we visited Japan we also went to our friends from Pure Blue Japan in Tokyo, and shot a couple pictures of some amazing jeans they had on display. Pure Blue Japan is known for it's 'slubby' denim, meaning there's a lot of texture in the fabric. They're not afraid to experiment with funky combinations like an indigo warp and a purple weft, giving the jeans quite a unique look. Check out some fades after the break.

Pure Blue Japan XX-005:

Pure Blue Japan XX-007 (indigo warp and weft):

Pure Blue Japan XX-010 (indigo warp, purple weft):

Need a pair yourself? We got some left in our online store, like the Pure Blue Japan XX-011, the XX-005 Indigo, the XX-005 Black, XX-008 Vintage Blue and XX-007.