Thursday 29 September 2016

A secretive brand: ONI Denim

Many Japanese denim brands, like Samurai Jeans or The Flat Head, are fairly easy to find information about. One can read about the founders and inspiration of the brands, and a lot is also available in English. ONI Denim is a whole different story though.

The brand is covered in secrecy. While it's known that the owner goes by the name of Oishi-san, little more is out there. All we can tell is it's a one-man operation. Don't expect any interviews with the man – he prefers to let the jeans do the talking. To us, this makes the high-quality jeans even more appealing. The jeans are characterized by a loose, slubby weave, a feature many denim heads vouch for. The fabric of ONI is produced by just one (!) expert. Because the denim is made of long staple yarns, the cotton is very durable and comfortable. Even heavier denim of say, 17 oz, is easy on the legs.

ONI (which translates to 'demon' by the way) does not have a standard collection. Batches of jeans are produced every now and then, and Oishi-san just produces what he feels like. This is why we offer pre-orders: you can make sure to get a hold of your favorite pair when production starts. Please note that the jeans we get in will not be restocked.

Needless to say, we're very proud to be able to offer ONI Denim at DC4 Berlin. We strive to offer to best denim that's out there in Japan, and ONI is, without a doubt, among the very best.