Sunday 16 October 2016

ONI x Tanuki: a secret collaboration

With the introduction of Oni jeans at DC4 Berlin, we have something special in store... a collaboration between two of the most secretive Japanese denim brands out there: Tanuki and Oni.

Whilst we know at least the name of the founder of Oni (see our previous post about Oni), the people behind Tanuki only want their customers to know that they have many decades of experience in the denim market. Who they are and where they are from is irrelevant. Tanuki focusses on a more minimalist approach of jeans, and doesn't add too much vintage detailing. It wants the quality of the denim and construction do the talking.

That leaves us to discuss the jeans itself. At DC4, we offer the 'Ultra Slim' model, a modern slim fit with a tapered leg. It's made of a hefty 20oz cloth, so it's perfect for the colder months. You’ll notice the irregularities of Oni’s denim, with a nice rough feel. The dye used is a natural indigo from India, that is not used anywhere else in the Japanese denim market. Now we hear you think: natural indigo doesn't create contrasting fades, and that's boring! This pair however is different. The denim is rope dyed, so the fades you want to achieve are still possible and will be very special. Natural indigo is usually very labour-intensive, resulting in very expensive jeans. You'll notice that the Tanuki x Oni jeans are actually more affordable. We can't wait for the first worn-in pair to show up at the shop.

The denim on this pair is Oni's famour 'Secret Denim', but dyed with Tanuki's natural indigo. Fans of Oni will also notice this pair features a white weft instead of the regular beige. Details on the jeans are a combination of Tanuki's and Oni's. Some specifications:

  • 20oz denim rope dyed with natural indigo 
  • Made in Japan 
  • 100% cotton from the USA 
  • Gingham fabric pocket bags 
  • Selvedge coin pocket detail 
  • Tanuki logo is embroidered on the right back pocket 
  • Leather patch (vegetable tanned) with the Oni and Tanuki logo

On top of that, every pair will be shipped with an exclusive Tanuki backpack. Please check out the online shop for measurements and ordering, or drop by our store to try them on.