Wednesday 9 November 2016

Introducing ŌNO Garments

We'd like to introduce a new brand at DC4: ŌNO Garments. This Japanese company produces some of the best 'loop wheeled' shirts in the world, and we're very proud to carry it at our store in Berlin.

The people behind the family-run ŌNO Garments have over 60 years of experience in developing yarns and advising major spinning and dyeing companies in Japan. All this knowledge comes down to the shirts we currently have in stock. You'll notice we only have shirts from the 'Black Line' at the moment: these are dyed in a unique way, so they will maintain their color for a long time.

All the garments are cut by hand and sewn on a selection of vintage machines in Tokyo. ŌNO adjusted the fits for overseas markets, so don't worry about the length. The process to spin the yarns is something special: this is done on vintage 'loop wheeled' machines in the Wakayama prefecture. Loop wheeled shirts ('tsuriami-ki' in Japanese) are knit by circular knitting machines that create 'tubes' of fabric, so it doesn't have any side-seams. This is a slow process, and only done by a few companies around the world. To give you an idea why: every loop wheel machine has 1.000 needles that have to be set manually (!) by specialized craftsmen. The result is worth every needle though: a very comfortable fabric with lots of character that will last a long time.

Please stop by our shop at the Strelitzer Strasse in Berlin to see and feel the quality of the shirts for yourself, or take a look in the online shop. We have both crew- and v-neck shirts, with either a short or a long sleeve. The ŌNO family crest is embroidered on the bottom of the shirt to honor the family.